End of GMail ?

  amonra 14:35 20 Oct 05

What's this I hear about Google has got to change it's GMail setting ? It lost a legal case and has to change from GMail.com to something else. I only heard the last few minutes of a radio program, so I dont know any further details. Anybody got any further info ???

  Monoux 14:39 20 Oct 05

more info click here

  €dstowe 14:40 20 Oct 05

Someone already own the name gmail and they are kicking up a fuss. Google's mail service for new users will be googlemail. Existing customers remain as they are.

Why only now are they protesting? Why don't they take the money that I'm sure has been offered to them?

  DieSse 15:03 20 Oct 05

Why don't they take the money that I'm sure has been offered to them?

They wanted more (situation normal!)

And anyway - this is in the UK only - apparently gmail will stay mail everywhere else!

  sean-278262 20:53 29 Oct 05
  De Marcus™ 21:56 29 Oct 05

"Holders of existing Gmail addresses in the UK will be unaffected - at least, so Google hopes. New UK users will be given @googlemail.com addresses, though new users outside the UK get to use Gmail.com."

  Forum Editor 23:26 29 Oct 05

about an "exorbitant sum" being asked for a name that (if it turns out to be the case) was already registered to someone else, but of course there's absolutely nothing wrong with the rightful owners asking any price they like. If Google doesn't like the price it is perfectly free to refuse to play ball, and sort out the mess.

If I was running a business as big as Google and paying my corporate lawyers the sizeable sums that Google will be paying I would want to know how it was that my company wasn't advised of the other company's prior right to the name - if indeed it had one.

  Jarvo 10:22 30 Oct 05

Probably was advised by it lawyers that there was a little company on a little island called the UK that owned the name, but don't worry if they notice we will wave a few $$$ and sort it.

Looks like a usual case of big business gambling on the cost of changing names / recalling products / re designing products V litigation.

Looks like this time they have lost the gamble :-)))


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