the end of cut price stores

  carver 09:03 06 Feb 15

Are we seeing the end of the cut price store with this takeover, how will we manage with out this store, I suppose prices will have to go up.

  Quickbeam 09:27 06 Feb 15

I thought it was a serious thread until the link opened!

  hastelloy 09:29 06 Feb 15

Surely it should be 99p not £55million!

  Quickbeam 09:33 06 Feb 15

The supermarket adage of 'stack it high & flog it cheap' is proved beyond all doubt if they're worth £55 million!

  carver 10:35 06 Feb 15

Rumpelteazer do you work for an oil company by any chance , because garages are the only people I know who can get away with charging a fraction of a penny for a commodity then rounding up the price.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:44 06 Feb 15

Of course prices will go up!

"Over time, 99p Stores will be converted to Poundland shops, a spokeswoman for the firm said."

that's a 1% increase right there


  SparkyJack 13:03 07 Feb 15

Examination of many lines,particularly bin food reveals many items are not the bargain they seem. Actually cheaper or smaller pack sized than regular supermarket brands. Quality too in 'irregular' labels may not be up to snuff. Caveat emptor as always.

  Forum Editor 15:58 07 Feb 15

The retail business is often a fascinating one, partly because the way that people make purchasing decisions is often hard to fathom.

The three biggest selling products in Poundland stores (according to the company) are Maltesers,umbrellas,and garden gnomes.

This acquisition makes good business sense - a good way of eliminating your competitor is to buy the business.

  bumpkin 17:26 07 Feb 15

I wander round these shops on occasions and there is the "buy it because it is so cheap" temptation which I think a lot of people do including myself but not the garden gnomes or another useless umbrella.

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