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Email lowers the intelligence quotient

  TOPCAT® 13:02 22 Apr 05

more rapidly than marijuana, according to a psychiatric study conducted at King's College, London.

Well, they say there's no smoke without fire! I reckon they need their head examining! :o) TC.

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  Sapins 13:09 22 Apr 05

ere! whatd'y meen by that eh?

  picklsey 13:13 22 Apr 05

i wouldn,t listen to a psychiatrist there all nutters.

  Dan the Doctus 17:17 22 Apr 05

There may be an element of truth in it, and does compare with TVs taking over from books leading to lower literacy skills. It's no big deal, and there's nothing to stop people reading books as well as using PCs. Eating properly and exercising regularly is also known to increase IQ. You can probably tell I don't do much of either :(

  oresome 19:32 22 Apr 05

The "Ask Jack" column in the Guardian seems pretty potent too! Although I wouldn't class it as an unavoidable chore, having never read it.

  Totally-braindead 20:07 22 Apr 05

"trialists jeopardized their immediate social relations by rushing off to "check their messages"

This line alone suggests to me that the people they picked had no life. I don't know of anyone who has to rush off and check their email, if I did I don't think I'd know them for long!

  stalion 20:17 22 Apr 05

not just email mobile phones are included,(head on one side brigade)the main point is the lowering of english standards with all the texting.Bring back the three r's

  Pooke100 21:28 22 Apr 05

Absolute rubbish I don't believe that at all, see ya all later folks I'm off to sell the computer to get some pot!

It seems it's less of a risk to your health than using a PC.

  Kev.Ifty 23:29 22 Apr 05


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