elf and safety risk - beware

  wiz-king 22 Oct 12

Blue-tack and dirty magazines what next?

  morddwyd 22 Oct 12

As usual, not Health & Safety at all, but some jumped up local official trying to justify his or her existence.

  finerty 22 Oct 12

poppycock I know some who wears her marrie ring that it should be removed by an NHS infection control. Bit wy should she remove her ring if it doesnt pose a prolem.

  Forum Editor 22 Oct 12

An example of an over-zealous inspector perhaps, but nevertheless...

One person in four has hands that are contaminated with faecal matter (including E.coli, and those hands have probably turned the pages of the magazines in the dentist's waiting room. The magazine covers are probably teeming with bacteria.

They have also handled the banknotes in your wallet, the grab rails in the bus, the door handles in the toilets, and the apples at the supermarket.

  carver 22 Oct 12

And the more bacteria you are exposed to the better your immune system copes.

It's about time some of these people got a reality check.

  Forum Editor 22 Oct 12


"And the more bacteria you are exposed to the better your immune system copes"

Is that what you believe? I suggest you do a bit of research before coming out with wildly incorrect statements like that.

In May last year 11 people died, and hundreds more were left fighting for their lives when they ate cucumbers that were contaminated with E.coli bacteria. Each year this bacterium kills between 5 and 10 million people - the main source of infection being faecal matter transmitted by unwashed hands coming into contact with food, and water supplies being contaminated, also by faecal matter.

The Salmonella bacterium kills approximately a quarter of a million people a year. It is spread via faecal matter and urine.

Streptococcus is a killer that is responsible for numerous cases of pneumonia throughout the world, and equally as important, is the main cause of bacterial meningitis, a killer in its own right.

There are others, but I'm sure you get the point.

  Aitchbee 22 Oct 12

...my dentist is a sea-diving enthusiast, so nobody looks at/or touches his supply of magazines [once he's read them] ... Deep-Sea-Diving (monthly)...except me!


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