Electronic speed device trialled in Canada

  TOPCAT® 13:31 02 Dec 05

There's moves afoot - pun intended - to render a car's accelerator part unresponsive after it exceeds the speed limit in restricted areas. Global positioning is used and the vehicle entering these mapped out areas will find they cannot accelerate further. If the trials are successful, then all new vehicles in Canada will have the device fitted. Good idea for the UK or not? I rather suspect it could become mandatory for all our current vehicles to have such a device fitted. The authorities won't miss the chance of some extra revenue out of us! TC.

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  ade.h 15:39 02 Dec 05

I'm saving up for my own desert island right now.

  sattman 15:44 02 Dec 05

I really do not want a deathmobile.

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  roisin dubh 16:06 02 Dec 05

Works in the motor trade and finds such an idea, or the idea alarming. I know from experience of GPS use that the bulk of GPS-reliant systems are not 100 percent accurate (they tend to lag a second or so behind real time or my tomtom does anyway) So in the space of that one or two seconds the speed limit could have changed either way.

Plus there are also valid reasons for needing to exceed the speed limit momentarily (as opposed to constant 40 in a 30 zone etcetera) such as accelarating to avoid a hazard for one.

Also a lot of HGV's and PSV's already have devices fitted call top speed limiters that cap their top speed to a maximum mph. These devices are already notoriously unreliable and relatively easy to manipulate, so one that depends on variable speed limiting would cause (theoretically) more probs.

There are other technicalities that could be thrown in that makes it even more unworkable leading to grey areas in prosecutions.

Personally I think it's a non starter, I think the only valid use that the government will be able to use GPS for will be this pay as you drive idea, paying per mile

  csqwared 20:36 02 Dec 05

What's wrong with the speed, sorry, safety cameras we already have? Aren't they working?

  Chegs ®™ 20:54 02 Dec 05

Anyone see Top Gear sunday,they showed the Merc cruise control that slows the car if it see's an obstruction ahead being demonstrated by Mercedes in germany actually crashing into the car ahead.Not exactly a good advert for electronic speed controls. ;-)

  interzone55 21:50 02 Dec 05

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The journalist that set the test up was fired when it was found out that he knew the test wouldn't work.
As the test was conducted in a metal shed, the radars wouldn't function. To simulate the system in action planks of wood were laid down on the floor, as the wheel hit the plank the driver was supposed to apply the breaks, unfortunately, as an S Class merc has very soft suspension, the plank went undetected and a £180,000 pile up ensued.

  Chegs ®™ 23:11 02 Dec 05

The Merc engineers were allegedly involved!!!!!

The engineers didn't believe it would work due the high levels of metal and concrete surrounding the test site...What happens if you enter a tunnel thats had an accident ahead?

I carn't afford to get my £300 car thru its MOT let alone cough up megabucks for a new Merc(not that I'd buy a Merc anyway,they are forever getting slated for reliability)

  Forum Editor 08:48 03 Dec 05

in a car that had the accelerator governed in any way.

The scheme will be a failure.

  Arthur Scrimshaw 15:11 03 Dec 05

way of reducing the carnage on our roads would be to introduce yearly compulsory eyesight checks for drivers. (no, not the "can you read the number plate type")
I know it won't stop some people who need to wear glasses forgetting to wear them occasionally, but it may make the responsible motorist (hopefully most) aware of any vision problems they may have, and act accordingly.

  Mr Mistoffelees 20:47 03 Dec 05

Regular, compulsory eyetests are a good idea, and not just for pensioners as some have suggested in the past. I have mine tested every two years and need a slightly different prescription every time, and I'm 41.

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