Electric Toasters

  laurie53 08:30 10 Apr 08

Why do modern toasters have such a limited light/dark range?

Given that I do tend to like my toast on the dark side of charcoal, even so most of the toasters I have tried recently barely colour the bread even on the highest setting.

I've tried several makes but they all seem to have the same deficiency. No point in all the fancy bells and whistles if it doesn't do the basic job properly.

Best I've ever come across is Proctor Silex from the States.

I know I could use the cooker grill, but toasters are very convenient.

  jack 08:47 10 Apr 08

It seems that not with standing the fancy outer casing and brand labels- it is the same engine inside that does them all.
You probably are going to have go for that very expensive[the name escapes me] but the one where slices go in long ways and it is all chrome - do you know the one.

  Coffee Adict 08:51 10 Apr 08

Even worse if like me you only like it done on one side.
Off to work now so you can leave comments about my eccentricity with impunity, until I get back of course.

  belfman 08:54 10 Apr 08

No big deal.

Just pop it back down and do it again as I do, the only issue is the Toaster burns out pretty quick. I bought a £3.50 one from Tesco last night and haven't used it yet.

  tillybaby 09:01 10 Apr 08

But still about electric goods,

The other week I obtained an electic deep fat fryer, o.k. I think it's on the cheaper end BUT it will have to go, never in my life has it taken me nearly 35mins. to do a portion of chips AND I did check it was on the highest setting,

I suppose the more expensive ones wouldn't sell if the cheaper ones were just as good.

  Quickbeam 09:16 10 Apr 08

"Why do modern toasters have such a limited light/dark range?"

I have a Russel Hobbs Classic with an infinitely variable control. On minimum it just frightens the bread, on maximum it make a carcinogenic tile... no problems here:)

  Quickbeam 09:19 10 Apr 08

You've almost certainly got one with a faulty thermostat.

  Quickbeam 09:22 10 Apr 08

You need one of these click here

  wee eddie 09:25 10 Apr 08

I just heap a few more coals on the fire ~ Coals collected from beside the railway line, of course!

  Quickbeam 09:30 10 Apr 08

This man must have the perfect toaster... click here check the gallery out.

  peter99co 09:31 10 Apr 08

Mine is a Philips and will toast a frozen slice if you press a button and is great at all colours including sooty. I am just off to buy a Quick cut kettle which boils a cup of water in 3 secs. That should save boiling more water than required when having a brew.

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