The Egyptian army has suspended the national constitution

  Forum Editor 03 Jul 13

which means that the Chief Justice of the constitutional court will assume presidential authority for the time being.

What now?

  Flak999 03 Jul 13

Good news, I think. Morsi was governing for and on behalf of the muslim brotherhood, not the people of Egypt. Now the army is in charge there is a chance for a secular democracy to evolve when the time is right.

I have seen a lot of talk from Sky with ordinary Egyptians saying they wished Mubarak had never been deposed.

  morddwyd 03 Jul 13

"Now the army is in charge there is a chance for a secular democracy to evolve when the time is right."

A secular democracy in a mainly Muslim country?

Unlikely I think.

The leaders in Egypt, Syria, Iran and the like and once again the generals in Egypt understand the only way to rule is the iron fist the chain mail glove.

Yes it will change, but not any time soon, and certainly not in our lifetimes.

  Quickbeam 03 Jul 13

It seems to be what the masses want lookint TV.

  Quickbeam 03 Jul 13

And it's equally quickly turning nasty. The US is advising their citizens to leave and the US Embassy is evacuating. It's not going to be the easy transition that they expected it to be at tea time.

  morddwyd 04 Jul 13

"It seems to be what the masses want lookint TV."

But those masses voted him in in the first place.

Now they don't like what he is doing. Many millions of us (and French, Germans, Americans etc) feel the same way.

It's called democracy.

  Quickbeam 04 Jul 13

But at least we do wait until polling day. That's the civilised way.

  Chronos the 2nd 04 Jul 13

Yep in this country politicians can pretty much do what they want safe in the knowledge that they are virtually untouchable for the length of the parliament.

In this country we have an unelected second house who by virtue of a title can impose their decisions upon the majority of the population.

In this country a million people can demonstrate against an invasion of a sovereign nation and be totally ignored.

And that is called democracy?

We should not be judging Egypt's first tentative steps to a more democratic form of government by our dubious standards. Religion plays a significant role in the middle east and with various factions of Islam seeking power there will never be a simple solution. One could argue that what is needed is a more dictatorial style of government, but the west's leaders have decided that this is not there democratic way so we have a situation when sectarian violence is so common place that it hardly gets noted on our news programs. One can hardly cite Iraq as an example of the west's intervention into Arab politics, or that shining beacon or the west's inept handling of a difficult situation, Israel and the Palestinian problem.

  Forum Editor 04 Jul 13

"One could argue that what is needed is a more dictatorial style of government"

Not if you believe that people should have a right to self-determination when it comes to being governed. Our system, the one you speak of in such scathing terms, is far from perfect, but look around the world and see how lots of other countries are governed, and you might realise that we're very lucky.

In fact it's not so much luck as determination. We got where we are because ordinary citizens worked for it. Nobody has imposed our system of government on us, as has happened in so many other countries. The leaders of Western countries don't decide what form their democracies shall take - the voters do, based on policies which are presented to them, come election time.

  fourm member 04 Jul 13

You can't really compare what has happened in Egypt with other democracies.

When a democratically elected leader decides to give himself dictatorial powers it isn't really a democracy any more.

  Chronos the 2nd 04 Jul 13

I wish the BBC would stop calling it a coup as this will only upset the Americans and they say it is not a coup and what they say goes.


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