Eerie, can you figure how its done?

  Cannuck 10:36 15 Sep 06

Go to this web-site, and see if you can understand how they do it. It is creepy how it works every time.

I'm sure someone will figure it out.

click here


  silverous 10:44 15 Sep 06

Very spooky.

At first I thought it was because I subconsciously moved my mouse over the symbol I was looking at for 10 seconds.

It comes up with a result when you don't even try so it isn't 100% accurate :)

I'm intrigued.

Some of these things are like add 2, add 6, subtract 8 and you get the number you first thought of...but this is genuinely puzzling.

  rdave13 10:46 15 Sep 06

Weird but I can't work this one out.

  rdave13 10:54 15 Sep 06

Aha! Think it is based on the number 9.

All the sums indicate that, ie

12-3=9, 55-10= 45 and those digits added =9

  silverous 11:05 15 Sep 06

Well spotted!

But then the symbols are different and correct each time. Unless it is random based around 9s and gets it right 90% of the time or something!

  Cannuck 11:05 15 Sep 06

Maybe, but how come when I have tried all different numbers, I get different symbals every time (about 4 or 5 so far), and the correct symbal always comes up.

I'm sure it has something to do with number combinations, but it is spooky when you don't click on anything, just sit and think about it.
You don't even have to stare for 10 seconds, just have a real quick glance, and it still gets the right answer.


  Al94 11:06 15 Sep 06

The symbol is the same for all possible answers each time!

  anskyber 11:10 15 Sep 06

Not on this one it isn't click here

  leo49 11:17 15 Sep 06

There are only 9 possible answers - each time you do it these 9 answers[9,18,27,36,45,54,63,72,81] all have the same symbol - the symbols change position each time giving the illusion of a possibility of a different answer.

  Cannuck 11:22 15 Sep 06

Good one!
Kinda the same thing.

I get different symbals each time


  anskyber 11:22 15 Sep 06

Yes indeed. There arevariants of this with cards which perform in the same way.

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