Editorial Discretion - Farepak

  Vangeliska 01:40 07 Dec 06

Obviously the Forum Editor has ultimate power to close threads which he doesn't like or doesn't want to police. I guess we have no say in this.

So be it.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 09:08 07 Dec 06

hate to stae the blindingly obvious but that is the job of an editor and I'm sure that you will recover from this.


  facepaint 09:28 07 Dec 06

In the end the hyper activity was a shame .
It came down to either one shows a little genuine sympathy with the Fairpak folk or not.Not all that nonsense about this ruling or that rule.

  facepaint 09:33 07 Dec 06

Funny how the letter 'e' makes such a big difference as I should have said 'In the end the hyper activity was a sham'.

  anskyber 09:47 07 Dec 06

That's right and it's fine by me.

  Sic 10:01 07 Dec 06

Well i think the thread had run its course anyway, though i was suprised to see our favourite journo getting it in the neck again, why does everyone keep thinking the worst of her??!! ;o)

  Hertz Van Rentyl 10:44 07 Dec 06

I will take the fifth on that one!

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