Editing Facilities

  Bing.alau 23 Jul 12

Anybody know why I get editing facilities on the beginner's tech forum, but can't get them on this one?

  lotvic 23 Jul 12

editing facilities? I can't see any on my posts on Beginners or any other, I thought pca decided on a No for editing?

  Matt Egan 24 Jul 12

What do you mean by 'editing facilities' Bing.alau? You shouldn't have them anywhere!

  Bing.alau 24 Jul 12

I mean being able to use "Italics" or "Bold" to emphasise the text. Which to me, is a form of editing.

Yesterday, on the "Beginners' Tech" forum the ability to do so was there, but I hadn't been able to use it on this forum.

Incidentally, I have just been on the Beginners' Tech forum again and it has disappeared from there too. Probably something to do with my computer.

  lotvic 24 Jul 12

All present and correct on mine, on all forums. (touch wood)

  Nontek 24 Jul 12

Ditto lotvic!

  Matt Egan 24 Jul 12

Ah. You should be able to use those on every forum. If you can't see them your browser may require a javascript update (or just a restart).

  Kevscar1 24 Jul 12

Matt Please allow us to edit our posts. Becaujse of my condition I have a lot of brain problems, wrong words, words spelt the wrong way or woth letters misiing and motor control.

It's humiliating when I ook at how some of my posts have come out even thought Ive checked them

  bremner 24 Jul 12

Unfortunately editing would create a nightmare, as continuity of posts would be lost, so please don't consider it.

We can easy accommodate Kevscar with a little patience and understanding.

  morddwyd 24 Jul 12

"If you can't see them your browser may require a javascript update (or just a restart)."

Or you may be using some of the accessibility options provided by your browser.

  Aitchbee 24 Jul 12

I think, a user-friendly prompt along the lines of..."Please review and edit any unforseen spelling mistakes before hitting the POST button."... might help...'cos we all make silly mistakes...that cause a certain degree of embarrassment after that...' point-of-no-return ' moment of posting.


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