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  Quickbeam 04 Sep 12

Has anyone been watching Adam Hills 'The Last leg' Paralympic comedy chat on C4 after the Paralympics?

Last night someone that made a knitted Adam Hill figure and listed it for £15 with any proceeds made going to Great Ormond St Hospital. They mentioned it in passing as a humorous item and who would want to pay 15 quid for a hand knitted effigy. After the add break it had jumped up to £50, by the end of the show it had reached £9000 (yes 9 grand).

Take a look now at it's current bid value unbelievable!

  lotvic 04 Sep 12

Looks like a spoof bid to me. (hope I'm wrong)

  Quickbeam 04 Sep 12

I don't think so, when it's happened before, Ebay have contacted the bidders and reduced it to confirmed bids by contacting the bidders within a few hours. This one has been around that figure all day, which is why I waited until now to mention it.

  Quickbeam 04 Sep 12

What sort of person makes these bids anonymously? I would have thought that they'd want the limelight.

It does seem to be peaking though.

  Al94 04 Sep 12

What sort of person makes these bids anonymously? I would have thought that they'd want the limelight.

Quite the reverse is true I suspect. There are a huge number of people who quietly and unassumingly support charities in a substantial way.

  interzone55 04 Sep 12

What sort of person makes these bids anonymously? I would have thought that they'd want the limelight

There's a lot of wealthy people who like to keep their true worth quiet, and are more than happy to spread their good fortune around.

I know a chap who is worth 8 figures at least, after he sold his dad's company for 9 figures to a much larger company. For a little while he went mad and did the usual stuff, wine, women, song etc.

Then he grew up and now lives in a much smaller house and gives huge gifts to charities. He doesn't shout about the gifts because he'd rather not let the whole world know just how much he's worth...

  Aitchbee 04 Sep 12

I can't make a bid just now...I'm too busy knitting the Great Wall of China....

  Quickbeam 04 Sep 12

I was thinking of crocheting Tower Bridge, but I've decided to embroider the Shard instead...

  Aitchbee 04 Sep 12

...plain or purl...my china wall is plain...with a tartan trim.

  Quickbeam 07 Sep 12

We're coming into the last 12 hours of this charity auction now.

There's been a steady increase since it got it's initial publicity on Monday night as at least 2 serious bidders are letting it be known that they're still in it. I can't help but think that those that will bid to this value for charity will have a nice round figure of 40, 50 or even £100k in their mind.

How much do we think it'll reach?

  carver 07 Sep 12

Don't know who will win it but at that price I don't think it will be posted, most likely delivered by security firm, just hope it's not G4S most likely lose it.


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