Eating Disorder

  bluto1 21:38 27 Feb 08

I'm trying to find girls magazines for my niece with only one constraint. There should be no mention of dieting or food in the mag. Is there such a publication. Our family is at it's wits end trying to get through to a very much loved girl. Any help is good and appreciated.

  Forum Editor 23:11 27 Feb 08

1. How old she is.

2. Does she have any special interests?

  knockin on 00:27 28 Feb 08

I urge you to get proper professional help with this. Eating disorders are complex and deep-rooted problems which loving care alone cannot resolve. Well meant advice from this forum may not be helpful.

  TopCat® 00:43 28 Feb 08

You may have seen this site - click here - for information on eating disorders. Get in touch with them and I feel sure they may help you, bluto1. TC.

  bluto1 10:24 28 Feb 08

Sorry folks,I couldn't get back earlier.

FE, she is nearly 16 and is interested in music, fashion, and cinema.
Knockin on and TopCat®, She is already being treated professionally. Thanks for the link.
The reason I posted here is because we have a massive cross-section of people and experience here and I know the help that is freely given is worth listening to.
Thanks for help so far, I won't close this yet.

  Quickbeam 11:28 28 Feb 08

I don't think you will find anything to meet your criteria on food & dieting, even the Peoples Friend covers this... I don't buy that, honest, someone in the house does.

  donki 12:34 28 Feb 08

Maybe trying to keep all of it away from her isnt a good idea, I mean if she want to find info on food & dieting she can get it anywhere. I'm sure its a truely awful problem, good luck, I wish her all the best.

  Quickbeam 12:42 28 Feb 08

To remove temptation, just makes the temptation to have greater. I've always found open discussion (not lecturing) with an open mind better. I never responded to to strict rules and lecturing... mind you I still don't.

  wee eddie 13:00 28 Feb 08

The only one I can think of is Horses & Ponies.

No eating in those magazines unless she fancies a bucket of chaf.

  bluto1 13:24 28 Feb 08

Quickbeam, I believe you, others may not.
It was the Matron of the place she's at who suggested the magazines. I agree with donki that in trying to isolate her from the problem is going to accentuate it. I'm just the messenger and wasn't involved in the original discussion.
wee eddie, I'd forgotten that riding was one of her interests so your suggestion isn't so wide of the mark.
TopCat®,I've been in touch with b-eat and they are very helpful. Thank you everyone I'll click resolved.

  wee eddie 13:29 28 Feb 08

If she is interested in Horses.

Then helping at a local Riding Stable, or some-such, might help to break the cycle of self-doubt, that typifies some eating disorders.

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