The ears have it!!!

  canarieslover 02 May 12

I can remember being able to detect a For - Next loop running in a Spectrum program just by the noise generated by the motherboard. Apparently it is still possible to detect what a modern computer is doing by the noise generated, among other variations. My hearing must have degenerated since my Spectrum days as all I can hear are the fans and the occasional noise from the hard drive. What is your computer telling others?

  Aitchbee 02 May 12

Superman's heroic powers waned when he was exposed to GREEN KRYPTONITE...everybody who goes/go online similarly lose their privacy (powers), and are fair game for criminal and malicious attacks.

  namtas 02 May 12

The only sound that troubles me is the noise of a PC system closing down when you haven't switched anything off.

  Condom 02 May 12


As a fellow Glaswegian you have even lost me on this one! One of us has had to much bevvy tonight and I don't think it is me hic :-))

  Aitchbee 02 May 12

Condom - my Superman analogy was an attempt to illustrate the intangible nature of the 'workings' of the Internet and the incomprehensiveness of the workings of modern-day devices to the layman.

  Condom 02 May 12

Wonderful, that explains everything which is now as clear as mud to me :-))

  Chegs ®™ 03 May 12

I'd love to see a hacker gain anything from listening to my other desktop,it sounds like a hovercraft when running games as all the fans drown out conversation they're so loud...& every few minutes there's a loud click which appears to be the hard drive failing as its taken it over 3hrs to download/install updates & has been telling me its shutting down(restart required after Win 7 updates to clean install)for the last hour.

  finerty 03 May 12

the noise n my pc is when it alarms if its overheating, that i must take action

  interzone55 03 May 12

I used be able to tell if my modem was going to connect successfully by the noises it made

  SimpleSimon1 03 May 12

That the graphics card fan bearing is shot!

  Aitchbee 03 May 12

canarieslover...I hope you don't mind me plugging a Radio4 programmme on at 16:30 this afternoon 'Material World' - it's about sounds that make people might say it's ... an ear-plug.

ps. I wonder if the sound of a faulty hard-disk grinding away is in their Top Twenty.


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