E-Readers are too easy to read

  Woolwell 22:06 13 Jan 11

Scientists reckon that e-readers are too easy to read and therefore we remember less of the information. click here

I'm not sure that I agree with that. If a note is in bad hand writing then I think that I am more likely to remember that than the information itself.

  peter99co 22:14 13 Jan 11

I wonder if this applies to people referred to as 'speed readers' It is a way of reading where all the small words such as "at,is,to,and," (I think you get the idea) are ignored.

It is possible to read very quickly this way and still understand the main information.

Possibly others may confirm this is how they read as well. Some may do this and not realize it.

  Woolwell 22:21 13 Jan 11

Of course if the handwritten note is from my wife then I do have to remember the content!

  Blackhat 22:35 13 Jan 11

I am a speed reader at times and I dare say that E readers are mostly reading novels rather than educational material that does not need to be remembered.

Speed reading is very useful when trying to get through a book that has a lot of boring text but a good storyline. I read on average 2-3 books a week, mostly fiction or biographical, and often find that speed reading takes out the boring bits without missing the plot.

As mentioned speed reading allows you to miss out short words but I also use the left side page method whereby you only go half way across the line from the left with proper reading and quick scan the right side before moving down a line, you tend to catch the drift of the line without missing out too much.

  peter99co 22:45 13 Jan 11

I also think if the font is clear you could even be reading blocks of words. The main words are retained and the rest do not get absorbed by the brain at all.

The limit maybe how many words the eye can see in clear focus at a given time.

  Forum Editor 22:47 13 Jan 11

that if you're really interested enough in something that is written you'll retain it, and if it's of passing interest you won't.

I'm not convinced by the e-reader theory.

  Blackhat 22:49 13 Jan 11

Left side method is something I read about many years ago and works for me, the idea was based on how much important information was at the beginning of a sentence rather than the end.

  john bunyan 22:56 13 Jan 11

On the "Today" programme, they ran a rather unscientific test and the presenter remembered topics written in a more difficult font than the normal ones.

  Quickbeam 08:21 14 Jan 11

I probably don't finish 50% of the books I start, if the first 20 pages don't grip me, I don't get past there.

  jakimo 18:52 14 Jan 11

An interesting theory,but would not benefit those who are dyslectic or suffer with word blindness (they are not one and the same thing)and the Fe's theory has merit,and would apply to me
click here

  wee eddie 15:16 15 Jan 11

That because of the use of words, ignored by the Speed Readers, meant different things to the the Pedestrian Reader and The Speed Reader.

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