Drving a high end car then watch this

  finerty 12 Sep 12
  Rooney85 13 Sep 12

Thanks for sharing!I realize now bad and good sides have been improved a lot together. Look at this, even technology helps us improve standard of living, it doesn't guarantee our safety at all.

  finerty 14 Sep 12

well noted and very true

  JYPX 14 Sep 12

Wow. We have a great run of cars (at all levels) which are virtually unstealable. I hope it is not coming to an end. But I have no plans to buy a BMW and certainly not a car where performance is key. What a misery I have become - and I am not that old! Car magazines pointing out stability and roadholding during a fast corner have me cringing. Why would I want to turn into a blind area at speed!

  rdave13 14 Sep 12

Another interesting high-end car story, click here.

  finerty 15 Sep 12

thanks rdave13 i wonder how many cars are dumped into the river Thames and other rivers in the . I remember one time they found a Jag in the River Thames

  Chegs ®™ 17 Sep 12

As a teenager,I was out one night sea-fishing from the pier when a large dark shape floated past on the tide.The following day I visited the harbour to find an Hillman Avenger estate being lifted out the inner docks.Apparently,its owner had been fishing from the other pier that night & on trying to drive home the car refused to start so he'd left it & gone to get assistance to get it started.Someone had decided that it'd be funny to push the car off the pier into the sea(probably a group fishing)

More recently,a plumber was suspected of cheating on his partner so she'd gone into town to find him,found the guys van instead so let off the handbrake & let it roll down the slipway into the marina.It cost her dearly as I seem to recall she was given a custodial sentence as well as having to pay compensation to the Harbour Commissioners/ex-boyfriend/insurance company.


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