From drug to video-game addiction

  TOPCAT® 23:31 12 Sep 06

This detox clinic has found an increasing number of drug users seeking help there are also addicted to gaming. It has opened another clinic dedicated to help with this worrying additional complication. TC.

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  Kate B 11:35 13 Sep 06

I think if you're prone to addiction you'll find something to get hooked on, and computer games are just one thing you can potentially do too much of - largely for the same reasons as drugs: it's fun.

Though many of us play games (and I'm sure many of us have at least been in the same room as nefarious substances) and haven't got addicted.

  wolfie3000 14:19 13 Sep 06

Korea has a major problem with young people being addicted with games.

I dont like the idea that some people blame the games for this addiction rather its the people who play them.

This is an interesting idea and i think ironic too.

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  1minute 16:53 13 Sep 06

I may be an IT nerd, but after looking at PC's for a 12 hour shift the last thing i want to do is play a game on a pc. It's the gym or a few drinks to relax with friends or a walk in the park for me.

  silverous 17:14 13 Sep 06

I think there are different levels of addiction. I've enjoyed a game so much in the past that I wanted to spend (almost) every spare moment playing it. For a long time now no game has done that for me.

Did I have an addiction? Am I cured?! Or was I just enjoying something and wanting to do it as much as possible.

  tammer 22:17 13 Sep 06

Can't talk......must playing Battlefield 1942...........


Tammer Stern

  wolfie3000 23:13 13 Sep 06

Halo,s my "drug" of choice,
But the whole addiction issue is worrys me,

But i guess if gaming doesnt interfere with your normal life you will be fine.

  silverous 11:02 14 Sep 06

tammer, how did you know that was my addiction (bf 1942). Actually it *was* then I grew out of it and tried BF 2 demo but it was too fancy for me. I then got into Counterstrike Source (Half Life mod?) and played that for hours on end.

Recently I've been game free although I have occasional relapses where I consider purchasing an Xbox :)

  noobtype 13:11 14 Sep 06

Halo 2 online is a lifestyle choice

  tammer 19:15 14 Sep 06

'bout time you fired up the old PC and got BF1942 working again. You can take me on if you want. Wolfie's a bit too scared too at the moment.....

  IClaudio 19:18 14 Sep 06

gradually working up through the ranks - now a Sergeant :)

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