(D)Ross back on telly next week

  Covergirl 15:12 14 Jan 09

I see Jonathan Dross is back on our screens next week and also hosting the BAFTAs early February. click here

I was rather hoping he'd bow out gracefully and not return, but I suppose the financial incentives preclude this. He'll need to keep his familys' standard of living up to what he is accustomed to. Shame really . . . .

I could live quite comfortably off the interest of his annual salary. Even at todays low rates !

  pcmags 15:16 14 Jan 09

Sadly he is still seen by some in the BBC as a main player in the audience ratings with other channels.

  Pine Man 15:33 14 Jan 09

Whenever he comes back it will be far too soon for me.

  dagbladet 15:41 14 Jan 09

I generally like his work.

  tullie 15:47 14 Jan 09

Cant stand him to be honest.

  egapup 15:51 14 Jan 09

Oh no, he's got some nerve.

  WhiteTruckMan 15:53 14 Jan 09

He asked those following his page to "suggest an improbable word that I have to slip into the Baftas when I host them in February".

How about '(I) resign'?


  interzone55 16:10 14 Jan 09

Jonathan Ross gets good ratings and his film reviews are widely regarded.

Clearly the rest of the country is out of step with some of the people who use this forum.

He did something ill advised, he's been punished with 3 months suspension without pay. Let him get on with his life.

As Dara O'Brien said - the Daily Mail got so excited about this issue they needed a bigger band-wagon...

  BT 16:41 14 Jan 09

I'm sure that on the salary he's been receiving losing 3 months income probably would hardly make a dent in his bank account. The saving in tax payable would probably have almost balanced it out.

Must remember to not watch his shows! I've never liked him anyway. At least the other fellow did the decent thing and resigned.

  Noldi 16:57 14 Jan 09

Not interested in him or the adwards.


  spuds 17:27 14 Jan 09

If the media reports are anything to go by, then his future programmes may suffer from lack of 'good' celebrity input. A number of well known people appear to have rejected offers to appear on his chat shows, in favour of a rival channel and similar chat show.

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