Driving Licence (2)

  morddwyd 19:36 11 Jan 14

Further to my earlier thread, I have now tried to renew on the DVLA website, only to have it rejected because of the photo.

Does anyone know if the requirements have changed?

I used a perfectly standard commercially available photo, in fact a copy of the one used on my passport (and on my bus pass, library ticket, retired forces identity card etc.) so it's obviously suitable for digital uses, but not to the DVLA.

Incidentally, is there any period of grace for renewal? It's taken them a month to reject it, and it runs out in two days!

  rdave13 20:40 11 Jan 14

I don't know how you renew your driver's licence online but I assume you have to upload your photo. Possibly your scanner, if you used one, wasn't set up to scan the photo to the highest quality?

  isca2 20:49 11 Jan 14

When I renewed my licence for a new one ( from the old paper one ) I selected an option to use my passport photo so I did not need to send or upload one.

  namtas 23:47 11 Jan 14

When I renewed my licence for a new one ( from the old paper one ) I selected an option to use my passport photo so I did not need to send or upload one.

I elected to use my passport photo but it rejected it as not available or not suitable

  morddwyd 07:59 12 Jan 14

This was a postal renewal, with a hard copy photo attached to the application.

  Quickbeam 08:18 12 Jan 14

The last time I renewed I used the post office checking service, there is a charge, but it's guaranteed correct. I prefer the peace of mind that I'm dealing with an agent of DVLA that's been trained to check it beforehand.

  BT 08:19 12 Jan 14

"..with a hard copy photo attached to the application".

You didn't "attach" it with a staple or something did you?

As to using your passport photo I tried this but they still sent me a form in the post and I had to send one in. When you say a 'copy' of the one on your passport etc. did you mean that or was it an original. We always get our pictures done at Timpsons, the shoe, watch, and pretty well anything else, repair shop. We have one in our local Tescos and they get it ready while you are doing your shopping. You get six copies for about £4.99 and they guarantee acceptance.

  Quickbeam 08:21 12 Jan 14

...and possibly, but don't know for sure, think that if you do it in a post office so near to expiry, it should be accepted into the system quicker.

Does anyone know for sure on that?

  hastelloy 09:19 12 Jan 14

I've just sent mine off. The photo is attached to a self-adhesive patch on the form. My photo was the same as my passport one so here's hoping!

  Quickbeam 09:39 12 Jan 14

Just wondering. Are so many of you renewing because the envelopes for road tax renewal notices now have a message on it telling you to check if it's still valid?

  BRYNIT 10:00 12 Jan 14

Did you check your photo complies with the Photo requirements CLICK HERE

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