Driving gloves.. are golfing gloves suitable

  AL47 19:22 25 Oct 10

im getting a convertible car tomorrow and me being me ill have the top down in the winter and the only part of me that gets cold will be my hands on the wheel

i dont really like any of the driving gloves but ive seen a nice pair of golfing gloves and was wondering as the grip is not too dissimilar if they would be suitable?

thanks :)

  wiz-king 19:26 25 Oct 10

Should be if they cover the tops of your hands, thats the part that will be exposed to the air. If you have a tack shop near you then have a look at riding gloves. like these click here

  karmgord 19:32 25 Oct 10

Only for a GOLF convertible :- )

  wiz-king 20:23 25 Oct 10

Got it to a tee!

  grey george 20:28 25 Oct 10

Supposed to rain tomorrow :( so you'll need a brolly as well. I thought golfers only wore one glove. Riding gloves would do, but they range from dear to unbelievably expensive.

  AL47 20:44 25 Oct 10

lol at the jokes :)

my gf has a horse i could always use hers but i think i need some permanent ones, i was looking at these

click here

  AL47 20:45 25 Oct 10

and no not a golf a honda :)

  grey george 21:13 25 Oct 10

They look a little bulky, will you be able to opperate all the essentials controls? The way they fit makes it look like they would be hard to remove quickly which might me an issue. I guess an s2000 (very nice) I don't think they make a drop top jazz. I would use it a little first because I recon modern designs and heaters may mean you don't need gloves at all. How about a set Dick Dastardly's gauntlets.

  karmgord 21:14 25 Oct 10

Which Honda,your right honda or your left Honda?

  AL47 21:51 25 Oct 10

is an s2000 :)

yes i may well give it a few runs to see if its ok first, im a person that likes the cold [climate control always to less than 20] love dry cold mornings, hate the heat! but i dont want numb hands at the wheel, hmmm

and in answer to the last post... its a right hand honda obv :p .. yes i get the joke btw haha

  wee eddie 22:03 25 Oct 10

If it's cold enough to need gloves you'll have the top up anyway.

If you really 'do' need Gloves, just don a pair of these, click here and forget the fancy leather outers which are for 'poseurs' anyway.

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