Is drinking lots of water good for you?

  VoG II 15:57 03 Apr 08

Apparently not click here

  donki 16:07 03 Apr 08

We had this a few months ago I think..... I dont know if its good for you or not, but it stops me snacking on sweets and crisps. I also prefer it to sugary drinks.

  Jak_1 16:11 03 Apr 08

All things in moderation, too much of anything is not good. Too much water intake can cause required salts etc to be flushed from the body.

  barca1 16:15 03 Apr 08

Iam with "donki" & "Jak_1" whilst i totaly aggree with Jak_1 too much of one thing aint good i also aggree with donki that it HAS to flush your body out besides how good do i feel once ive drunk a large amount of water please.

  Grey Goo 16:16 03 Apr 08

You can drink extra water after imbibing alcohol as it compensates for the dehydrating effects of the alcohol. Flying also creates a dehydrating effect so it may be advisable to sip water during your journey, diluting it with a single malt nullifies the advantage.

  Clapton is God 16:26 03 Apr 08

And the moral of the story?

Stick to beer

  johndrew 16:29 03 Apr 08

`Stick to beer`

At altitude the gas expands to a greater volume so .....

  techie4me 16:43 03 Apr 08

First they say it's good to do & now they say it's not.
Heard it all before!

As for sticking to beer, thats a great idea Clapton is God.
I'm off to the Red Lion, 1st round on me:-)

  Monument 16:48 03 Apr 08

Everything we eat, drink, smoke or do is bad for us - so I am with Clapton is God

Beer should be available on the NHS.

  peter99co 16:57 03 Apr 08

They used to say that you should not drink Tea. Now they say you should drink Tea as it is made with water and the Tea infused in the water is good for you.

I also heard if you spoil whisky by putting Lemonade in it, the bubbles carry the alcohol into the blood stream quicker and you fall over sooner!

  birdface 17:30 03 Apr 08

I would imagine drinking 8 half pints of water instead of tea must be better for you.That would be at least 12 spoonfulls of sugar that you are not consuming every day.4,368 spoonfulls a year.I have also been told water helps your kidneys work better.Plus you will not eat as much as the water helps fill you.So you should end up slimmer and fitter and I think that I should have started taking it years ago.

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