Dr Who

  iqs 22:45 31 Mar 07

Who watched Dr who this evening?.I'm glad to see it back,and what a great opening episode...9 out of 10.

  dwaynedibbly 22:59 31 Mar 07

And a fit new assistant as well.
Sorry my diversity training lapsed there.
Got to agree though, good start to the new series.
The BBC have really latched onto a winning formula (again). Lets hope they can continue the run.

  Forum Editor 23:05 31 Mar 07

my wife gave it the thumbs up.

  VoG II 23:12 31 Mar 07

Yep - excellent. Let's hope that they keep up the standard for the entire series.

  WhiteTruckMan 23:23 31 Mar 07

unavoidably delayed but its on again on sunday on bbc3 at 8pm.


  Stuartli 23:32 31 Mar 07

The huge success of its return makes you wonder just why the BBC spurned thousands of requests over many years to bring it back for so long.

  WhiteTruckMan 23:41 31 Mar 07

was that far out. By the time of the last doctor before ecclestone (Mcoy,not counting Mcgann) it had gone so far up the naff scale that it needed a fair sized rest before comeing back down. too early and people would remember the cheap sets with wobbly walls and endlessly running down corridors with less than fond memories and it would have been tarred with the same brush.

I think the beeb got it right this time.


  ^wave^ 23:56 31 Mar 07

yes very good and nice to see the spin off torchwood was also very good

  GANDALF <|:-)> 00:14 01 Apr 07

May one enquire why he speaks with an Essex accent when he is Scottish?


  wolfie3000 06:16 01 Apr 07

Didnt see it tonight (gaming)
But will catch it sunday evening.

David Tennant seems like he was made for the role as Dr Who but i still prefered Christopher Eccleston,

He played the Dr with a more serious approach,

Plus he is a fantastic actor in his own right,

Like when he played the son of god in The second coming,
click here

They really should have kept Christopher Eccleston on as the Dr for more series so his character could develop more.

As for Torchwood i just couldnt get into it at all.

  wolfie3000 06:25 01 Apr 07

BTW anyone else notice that David Tennant bears a slight resemblance to Richard "hamster" Hammond?

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