Double postings on the increase

  mart7 18:07 16 May 13

I have noticed there has been an increase in the amount of double postings on the forum,even to the extent of a quad posting today in one of the sections Just wondering why this is? i myself havent manged to double post :)

  john bunyan 18:11 16 May 13

Yes you have!

  spuds 18:12 16 May 13

"i myself haven't manged to double post :)"

You have now I notice, perhaps the FE will delete the other one :O)

The problem appears to be server overloads, and people are perhaps double or triple clicking in the 'waiting for' or Sorry error message zone?.

  Forum Editor 18:13 16 May 13

I happens. I imagine there are more important things in our lives.

  mart7 18:15 16 May 13

Did it on purpose John Bunyan note the smiley :)

  Forum Editor 18:22 16 May 13

"Did it on purpose"

Well please don't.

  bumpkin 20:54 16 May 13

I think that most of us unintentionally double post on occasions, does it matter?

  Kevscar1 01:49 17 May 13

Just following what PCA does, the nuber of times the same news story is posted twice on the front page is ridiculous 2 or 3 timesa week

  SparkyJack 08:11 18 May 13

Androids browsrer seems to be the main culrit.with persistant 'browser not responding warnings.

It happened to me rcently and a I blamed my 'cheap' tablet, however at a lunch date a companion said the same problem arose on her 'high grade' tablet.

I have tried alternative browsers such as Lightning- still happens but not so much and FireFox for Android not at all but has other issues. The best so far is on my notebook running Crunch Bang with Iceweasel. Thats another story. j

  HondaMan 21:58 19 May 13

It's because the site, to me at least, can be very s l o w and does not always react immediately causing me to think that I did not click on "post" so I do it again then I get two!

  Forum Editor 22:37 19 May 13


It doesn't matter how slow you think the site is running, once you click in your browser you send a post to our server, even if you don't see anything happen immediately. Click again, and you send a second copy, and so on.

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