Door to Door taxi service (If only)

  Bingalau 02 Jul 12

For those who haven't seen this advert yet, If the link below doesn't work try typing it in to your browser.

  Quickbeam 02 Jul 12

I don't believe it's real, the wings would knock the lamp posts down, or the lamp posts would rip the wings off.

  Al94 02 Jul 12

Brillian bit of advertising, works better with exact address rather than just postcode.

  lotvic 02 Jul 12

Very clever, I saw mine through the plane window.

  Chegs ®™ 03 Jul 12

Brilliant! Was really funny seeing a huge Jet roll straight over my neighbours car & pull up on the driveway of another neighbours.

  wiz-king 03 Jul 12

Very clever use of streetview.

  lotvic 03 Jul 12

Hope we don't get a deluge of junk mail through the letterbox. They seem to be collecting a huge database of house addresses. :( (or maybe I'm just a cynic)

  morddwyd 03 Jul 12

Tried it twice, the plane never left London

Think I'll stick with Easyjet!

  Quickbeam 04 Jul 12

I can tell you're not necessarily overwhelmed fm:)


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