Don't you just love the yanks.

  Kevscar1 11 Jan 12
  Grey Goo 11 Jan 12

Obviously went to the same school as George W Bush. Makes you wonder where the launch codes will send the missiles don't it.

  Al94 11 Jan 12

This "story" is four years old and was a made up hoax by The Onion!

  Forum Editor 11 Jan 12

It was a hoax Kevscar - and it was first published on YouTube in 2008.

It might have been an idea to read the ticker running across the bottom of the so-called news screen in the clip before posting.

  lotvic 12 Jan 12

It's a bit of fun you lot, wish you could have seen that. I do believe Kevscar had tongue firmly in cheek when posting. Had me rofl.

  Bingalau 12 Jan 12

Apart from the fact that we have American friends on this forum, (one of whom was brilliant to me in my darkest hour). Yes! I do like them a lot. I have served with them in the armed forces, basically they are very good expat Brits. No matter what you have been told about them they are on the whole a damn good lot. We would have lost both World wars if it hadn't been for the help they gave us. So thank the Yanks that we are not all speaking German as our first language. Mind you I like the Germans as well. Complicated innit?

  Aitchbee 12 Jan 12

I have only met one American person in my a pub in Glasgow 'bout thirty years ago...he had big boots on.

The recent film footage of Americans urinating on dead people,will not be such a shock in anti-USA countries.

  Forum Editor 12 Jan 12

"The recent film footage of Americans urinating on dead people,will not be such a shock in anti-USA countries."

Any more than the photographs of British troops abusing Iraqi prisoners in 2003 would have bee a shock in anti-British countries. Anyone who thinks that this kind of thing is the exclusive preserve of American troops is sadly deluded.

  Kevscar1 13 Jan 12

How did a bit of humour turn into war crimes. Some of you have serious problems


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