Don't it make yer feel old?

  carolineann 11:30 14 Sep 06

Judith Durham is 62.

Tom Paxton, 69.

Nana Mouskouri, 72.

Petula Clark, 74.

Joan Baez, 65.

Anne Murray, 61.

Neil Diamond, 61.

Kris Kristofferson, 70.

Bobby Goldsboro,

Johnny Nash, 66.

Judy Collins, 67.

Oh, Gawd!

I can't go on - it's too depressing....

  1minute 11:34 14 Sep 06

So who are;
Judith Durham is 62
Tom Paxton, 69
Joan Baez, 65
Anne Murray 61
Bobby Goldsboro
Judy Collins 67

  Shas 11:36 14 Sep 06

Are you going to tell him caro, or shall I?

  DieSse 11:39 14 Sep 06

As long as they all LOOK older than me - I'm quite happy!

  knockin on 12:10 14 Sep 06

I've just been reading the thread on registration. (sorry I don't know how to make the link.)
Following his postings there and here,
I must ask 1 minute if he might, one day, feel able to contribute something useful and pleasant to these forums?

  J Cricket 12:11 14 Sep 06

Actually it makes me feel incredibly young! These days, many 60 year olds look younger than 40 year olds, just like many 16 year olds look older than 21 year olds. Haven't you heard, it's how old you feel that counts!

  knockin on 12:16 14 Sep 06

Re my earlier post. Have found a couple of other which feel more friendly. That's a good way to go

  knockin on 12:18 14 Sep 06

It is important how you feel, but it doesn't help when famous people who have meant something in your life are inconsiderate enough to die when they are younger than you

  it_girl 12:36 14 Sep 06

I'm a bit young for these pop stars of old but I do recognise most of them ,due to my dad's interest in record collecting!
knockin on ,just copy the 'www....' address of the page required and then paste it into your post.
for example 1)

click here

example 2) click here

See if you can find a good example of tripping yourself up within these 2 posts!

  Belatucadrus 12:40 14 Sep 06

Catherine Deneuve 63
Sophia Loren 72
Raquel Welch 66

All stunning, somehow makes me feel rather more positive.

  knockin on 12:47 14 Sep 06

Just testing

click here

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