dont complain to PC Advisor!!

  big-g 19:26 07 May 07

It seems that when you complain about their cash cow Mesh computers they remove your post

Lets see if this one is left

  Input Overload 19:28 07 May 07

big-g, what total rubbish.

  big-g 19:31 07 May 07

I see that other people have complained about missing posts so if you are so sure explain ???

  lisa02 19:32 07 May 07

You can complain about who/what ever you like as long as you do not break the rules. Simple really.

You obviously broke the rules.

  lisa02 19:36 07 May 07
  Dizzy Bob 19:40 07 May 07

There are plenty of posts about Mesh, some complimentary, some critical.

If they state the facts, without hyperbole they stay. If they contain unwarranted or potentially libellous accusations they rightly will removed.

If your post was removed there would have been a good reason to do so.

Try reposting the issue, sticking to the facts, and you may well find that the forum, and Davey at Mesh in particular are helpful.


  big-g 19:50 07 May 07

the original post stated just the facts.

I t contained the truth. would you like me to name names in Mesh.

I am sure that all the Mesh Peoples names and the recorded phone calls would be acutely embarassing especially if I was being sponsored by Mesh.

see below part of the latest email from PC Advisor


Visit Mesh Computers and get access to the latest technology for less. Supplying bespoke PCs to fit your requirements since 1987. High-spec, award-winning PCs and laptops, at low-end prices - visit Mesh and see for yourself.

click here

  big-g 19:59 07 May 07

I forgot to mention that Mesh then sent an invoice for the cost of the repair caused by carrier damage.

I contacted the service dept "Zamir" and asked that an email be sent as he said he "thought it was a mistake " and it should be ignored.

We got one from customer services but they had the wrong invoice number on the email.

  Totally-braindead 20:31 07 May 07

big-g I don't have the facts that you are talking about since I never saw your original thread but I can assure you if there was a thread about this and it was removed it was removed for good reason.

Judging by what you are saying and the tone you are using I wouldn't think it would be long before this one is removed as well.

If you say that the post contained only facts, no innuendos, threats or slanderous statements accusing people or companies of acts for which you have no proof then it is surprising to me that the post was removed.

There was something said that was not within the rules that is clear or it would not have been removed.

You want to say a company has treated you badly and tell what happened and say that you won't use them again then fair enough that is within the rules, but slandering them or trying to start a boycott on a company is not allowed. Like I say I never saw the post so cannot comment on the specifics.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:56 07 May 07

If you cannot explain your problem in a mature manner and without emotional outbursts then you are not going to get very far.


  Forum Editor 21:38 07 May 07

A senseless, vindictive rant against us, without any foundation in fact isn't acceptable.

If you want help with a problem, by all means feel free to post again, this time without the gratuitous swipe at the very people who provide you with a free help forum.

Perhaps when you've had time to reflect, and to learn how to conduct yourself in a mature manner you'll post a further response. Your thread will remain as a reminder of just how offensive some people can be.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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