Dolphin rescue underwater

  rdave13 24 Jan 13

A fascinating article this morning on Breakfast news,

It looks as the dolphin was asking for help.

  john bunyan 24 Jan 13


I saw this on this morning's news. What a great moment for those involved, and an indictment of man's pollution - the plastic and old nets around in the sea is horrible.

The report quite cheered me up, and as an ex diver I would love to have had such a wonderful experience.

  johndrew 24 Jan 13

It was an extraordinary thing to happen and shows the thought process and trust placed by the animal in a human. Perhaps it is as well that all animals are not as trusting in all humans though.

  Aitchbee 24 Jan 13

This story reminds me of "Androcles and the Lion" ... an Aesop's fable or a biblical tale / parable, where Andy pulls out a big thorn from the big cat's paw ... and ends up getting 'licked to death' in appreciation.

  rdave13 27 Jan 13

I was going to green tick fourm member's comment about an expert's view about dolphins either pushing humans towards the shore or out to sea.

Perfectly reasonable thinking but the post seems to have been silver moused for some reason.

Either that or I'm losing the plot?

  Forum Editor 27 Jan 13

It wasn't silver-moused, and you're not losing the plot, there was an admin glitch.

All is now well.

  lotvic 27 Jan 13

rdave13, all of fm's posts have disappeared from forums. Some sort of pca glitch. fm is now called 'New FM' here's old profile - make of it what you will.. an explanation of sorts on page 10 EU In/Out Posted Today at 11:26AM

  rdave13 27 Jan 13

Forum Editor, thanks for the reply. I have been away for a few days so just catching up. If FM would like to re-post I would like to green tick it.

  Forum Editor 27 Jan 13

I have also been away - hence the delay in my resolving the problem.

  rdave13 27 Jan 13

lotvic ,thanks for a better explanation.

I go away for a few days and glitches happen.

  Forum Editor 27 Jan 13

"I go away for a few days and glitches happen."

That's what I've been saying, but in this case I have nobody to blame - it may have been my own fault. In any event, it - like your thread - is now resolved.


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