Dogs expresions Take note.

  Ex plorer 18 Mar 13

Came across Dogs expressions and love the angry one its the expression I get when finishing a ginger biscuit and not giving my pet Collie a tip bit.

If there s no food in her dish she throws the metal dish around the kitchen until I go through and put her dinner in.

  Quickbeam 18 Mar 13

In the '60s we had a Boxer who's food dish was a old chipped enamel pie dish. If she wasn't fed bang on midday within five minutes leeway she's bang her paw down on the broad brim and flip the dish with a deafening CLANG! CLANG! across the stone floor. If that didn't get her dish filled, she'd carry it to wherever you were in the house or garden and drop on your feet. FEED ME NOW!

  Woolwell 18 Mar 13

Came across the dog expressions over the weekend and don't think that they have them right. Disgusted is really worried and anxious given away by the ears lying flat back. Angry could well be "That's my treat in your hand".

  Woolwell 18 Mar 13

An angry dog curls its lips back and bares its teeth. You also need to observe the tail and body stance.

  spuds 18 Mar 13

We have two dogs, and their expressions are usually based on disgust (or not again), but not like the one in the link photograph :O)


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