Does anyone

  Al94 23 Dec 12

find Sarah Millican remotely amusing?

  Forum Editor 23 Dec 12

I imagine that lots of people do.

What's the point of this thread?

  ¿ unsure ¿ 23 Dec 12


  Al94 24 Dec 12

The point of the thread was to make an enquiry of those here. She was on BBC at the time of posting, my wife and I find her voice irritatingly whiny, she, to us, is repetitively unfunny and obviously scripted. Before someone suggests the obvious, yes we did switch her off after again failing to see any talent.

  pavvi 24 Dec 12

i find her mildly amusing but not laugh out loud funny- much better in my opinion than the professional troll that is Frankie Boyle!

  interzone55 24 Dec 12

Sarah Millican is funny on panel shows like QI, but can be a little tiring when watching a full set.

I actually quite like her South Shields accent

  spider9 24 Dec 12

It's a bit like asking "Do you like yellow as a colour"? Some do, some don't, some are not in the least caring.

  Forum Editor 24 Dec 12

"They do television where their best material has to be delivered in a few minutes and then their full live shows get an audience that expects the same rate of laughs for a couple of hours."

That's part of the problem. It's made worse by the fact that a joke told on TV probably can't be used again for live audiences - most of them will have heard it. It means that there's a constant need for fresh stuff, and a lot of it will be mediocre at best. It's the reason that a lot of today's comedians appear to concentrate on playing the fool, rather than on good material. They seem to think that behaving outrageously and swearing on stage is enough - and for a lot of audiences it seems to be just that. They sit there, rolling with laughter at almost every inane remark they hear.

I have been a great fan of QI, but there are certain participants who set my teeth on edge - shouting and cavorting as if that's what comedy is about. The northener with long black hair is a case in point.

  Bing.alau 24 Dec 12

I find when I go to a club and there is a comedian on, that as soon as he starts to tell his jokes. I say to those around me, "He has just got that one from the internet". So I have come to the conclusion that too many jokes are sent to me by friends. It is because they have nothing of importance to say but want to keep in touch.

  spuds 24 Dec 12

Yesterday evenings program appeared to be based on a Mrs Merton (Caroline Aherne)chat and scripted style venture?.

The other week there was a television show that went on for well over an hour, which appeared to be 'straight-off the cuff' and she was brilliant.

A bit like Mrs Brown's Boys (Brendan O'Carroll), you either hate it or like it?.


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