Do you have children (under the age of 18) in your household who use a smartphone or tablet?

  davidcourt 15:11 22 Nov 12

We're researching the amount of interaction children have with phones and tablets.

Anecdotally it seems that virtually all children at least have access to a phone to play with, even if they don't have a mobile device of their own.

So what happens in your household? Let us know in our poll and this discussion.

  carver 15:41 22 Nov 12

My son is not quite 18 so he just qualifies but both son and daughter have had smart phones by the time they were 16.

  Woolwell 18:12 22 Nov 12

I have children but they are over 18 and have left home. I shall ignore this questionnaire which doesn't permit that answer.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:39 22 Nov 12

Two and a half year old grandson loves to play on the phone apps that have pictures of animals and their associated sounds + some of the games like Angry Birds.

Like any child of this age, his attention to the phone doesn't last more than a few minutes at a time. He seems to get more fun playing with other things pretending to use them like a phone.

  shellship 18:42 22 Nov 12

No but we are two well over 70 year olds who have both!

  Aitchbee 19:45 22 Nov 12

My neice's new baby, a little girl of 4 months, has been photographed so many times [is that 'p' word still in use?],by dozens of different 'smart' phones by different friends and relations ... poor little girl, that I think she, (the baby), has already developed an extra thick skin / mantle regarding smart phones ... and social networking, and who could blame her.

I have a brother (much younger than me) who has recently turned 12 years old. He's had a smartphone for almost a year. Most of his classmates had phones years before him too.

  Taff™ 10:58 24 Nov 12

With a secondary school a short walk away I see the kids using them all the time on their way to and from it. These phones cost more than the clothes they wear!

Of all the kids that I know through fixing their laptops or family computers I would say that the vast majority of 11+ year olds have a mobile phone of some description. By the time they are 13/14 they have smartphones.

The takeup of tablets however is much less pronounced. To a kid the smartphone is top priority and then, those more fortunate might have a larger tablet but because of the poor integration with MS Office, which they use in school, most parents prefer them to have a more traditional device for homework. (After all - they are the footing the bill in most cases.)

  tanjagersten 13:00 27 Nov 12

My son has become an android expert for tablets, phones and what not, he's only 14.

  User8662 17:00 11 Dec 12

My grandson in 12 and he would like a phone but doesn't have one. His mother thinks he is too young and I agree. There is no need for a young kid to have all these expensive smartphones etc. What do they have to look forward to.

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