Do you hate Marmite

  Quickbeam 29 Nov 11

enough to sabotage it en route?

Actually as it says, the early reports only said it was Marmite, but the local media turned it into Marmite sabotage story!

  johndrew 29 Nov 11

I like Marmite, but I'm not sure if my car does :-)

  morddwyd 29 Nov 11

The problem is keeping the toast hot enough while I drive down there!

  wiz-king 29 Nov 11

Was just yeast -- not yet made into Marmite -- easier to clean up. Send in the army.

  rawprawn 29 Nov 11
  rawprawn 29 Nov 11
  rawprawn 29 Nov 11

Agh mate look it up. Frustrated RP

  gengiscant 29 Nov 11

As most of my taste buds were destroyed by the botched radiation treatment I had for the big C, I am able only to taste really big flavours and they do not come much bigger than Marmite.

  dagbladet 29 Nov 11

"...easier to clean up. Send in the army."

Why the Army?

  morddwyd 29 Nov 11


Vegemite is quite disgusting!

I regularly have to send a large jar of Marmite to Oz.

  rawprawn 29 Nov 11

morddwyd I have to agree it's an acquired taste, but if you are brought up on it, well !!!!!


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