Do you fancy a glow-in-the-dark dog

  carver 14:10 27 Jul 11

It now appears that you may be able to get one of these

if you have a bit of spare money lying around, could it be the start of the must have pet for the wealthy.

I just hope that it's used for science and not novelty.

  wiz-king 14:40 27 Jul 11

Could be usefull, my mutt lays on the darkest place on the stairs at night and he is hard to see and avoid.

  interzone55 14:46 27 Jul 11

Would be no good for us, as our dog, who still thinks he's a tiny puppy although he's 5 foot long and weighs about 40kg, sleeps at the bottom of the bed, so that size glowing dog would keep us wide awake at night, although it'll probably save us having to turn the light on to read...

  ams4127 20:21 27 Jul 11

alan14 I think I've got your dog's sister!!

  interzone55 20:27 27 Jul 11


You're more than welcome to take her brother of our hands, or more accurately, feet :-)

  cycoze 00:24 28 Jul 11

Unbelievable! man can mess about trying to make novelty pets when there are thousands of animals being dumped or unnecessarily put down because they are unwanted, very sad.

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