Do you check your work email when you're on holiday?

  PC Advisor 14:26 26 Jul 11

A survey suggests that no fewer than 73% of staff contact the office when they are on holiday with more than half saying they check their email at least twice a day. Sound familiar? (And if you don't check your email, we bet you check the PCA forum!)

  interzone55 14:49 26 Jul 11

The links don't work.

Up until recently I've not been able to check work email out of the office because I had a tethered PC.

I'm fairly sure that much more than 27% of the population don't have remote access to their emails, where was the survey done?

Anyway, I now have a work laptop, I still don't check emails on holiday, but what I do is log in on the Sunday evening before I go back to work and delete the couple of hundred emails that have no relevance to me so when I start back in the morning I at least attack the work that needs doing rather than having to wade through a load of rubbish...

  wiz-king 15:27 26 Jul 11

Depends - if I am at home I log in in the morning before office hours and again after they have all gone home when I can do website and network updates. If I am not at home then no, they have to wait, same applies to the cellphone.

  Covergirl 15:40 26 Jul 11

If possible, I check personal emails. I don't get much anyway so if I can't it's no biggie.

I don't check work emails as I don't have access when away from the office.

  al's left peg 15:50 26 Jul 11

No, and I don't even take my mobile phone with me. The best way to enjoy a holiday is to totally switch off from the reason you are taking the holiday in the first place.

  morddwyd 16:41 26 Jul 11

Now retired, but when I still worked I only checked when I was at work, and even then only twice a day - first thing in the morning and first thing after lunch.

  Matt Egan 17:20 26 Jul 11
  Forum Editor 17:38 26 Jul 11

I'm guilty as charged, in fact I'm too embarrassed to fully disclose the number of times I check email in the hotel room. I tell my wife that I'm 'catching up on paperwork', but she knows the sad truth.

As for the forum - if the sun wasn't so bright I would check in here from the beach.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:51 26 Jul 11

Use to take works phone but got too many calls so afew years ago said enough. personal phone for emergency use only, no laptop, no TV, no papers.

Now I'm retired but still "dabbling" I don't think it will change although I'm not as much in need of a holiday nowadays :0)

  Condom 17:54 26 Jul 11

In the days when I worked e-mail was still pretty new but in any case I would never have checked it while on holiday. My holidays were my holidays and I would also feel that I was lacking in trust in the staff I had acting up for me in my absence.

  Blackhat 17:55 26 Jul 11

I have just placed my vote taking the never option from 0 to 17%, but that is based on only 6 votes.

As a company director I do my best to employ people that can look after thing in the short term while I am away to fully enjoy a holiday (and my co-director has a hard time).

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