Do they think I'm daft?

  pj123 12:46 24 Apr 07

Just had a spam email:

"Sick of being in Debt?, we could half (sic) your monthly bills. - Click here"

Well, I am not in debt, but even if I were with the above offer I would still be in debt. Possibly for a much longer period as well.

I have one Debit card and one Credit card. If I use my Credit card I pay it all off in one go when it is due.

  g0slp 12:50 24 Apr 07

Probably not you personally, pj123, but there are still plenty of suckers out there...

  TOPCAT® 15:11 24 Apr 07

dropping into my in-box then they are simply deleted and forgotten. What does ruffle my feathers more is the constant bombardment of adverts blatantly urging gullible people with debt to sign up to them. Sky has a multitude of them running night and day, so much so that the programme one has taken time out to watch is blighted by their relentless frequency. I watch very little TV now. TC.

  pj123 16:32 24 Apr 07

TOPCAT®, I delete spam as well. But this one just made me smile.

Now if it said, "Sick of being in Debt?. We will pay all your debts off and you owe us nothing"

Maybe they could have some benevolent billionaire who has realised he can't spend all his money? (not Bill, of course, he gives an awful lot of his money away already).

  johndrew 16:36 24 Apr 07

These spam messages seem to be aimed at the poorest of people who, often, are most susceptible to this kind of `offer`.

There are plenty of TV ads aimed at the same group as well.

  Cymro. 16:41 24 Apr 07

The companies offering these loans are just loan sharks. It is a pity that there are

people out there who are indeed daft enough to fall for their very clever sales talk.

The sad part of it is that many of these people are often the most desperate and

vulnerable in society. It is what is called "the unacceptable face of capitalism"

What angers me is some of the so called celebrities who earn big money to

persuade people to take out these loans. It is very unlikely that they will ever

need such a loan as they are often very wealthy people already

  pj123 16:45 24 Apr 07

fourm member.

"Sadly, you have to remember that, if some people didn't fall for it they wouldn't keep doing it."

Quite, that's why there will always be spam/scams.

I remember, as a kid, (before the internet) our house and others used to have a notice/plaque that said:

"No Hawkers, No Circulars"

I often wondered what it meant then. It didn't seem to stop salesmen knocking on your door, or people putting leaflets through the letterbox.

The internet has just made it a lot easier to get in to your house.

  Giant68 17:42 26 Apr 07

Bear in mind that with what you have left over you can have that holiday or the new car you have promised yourself...

I may not be a rocket scientist but even I can see the danger in that!!


  pj123 18:15 28 Apr 07

Thanks all.

Shutting this one down.

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