Do I have enough protection?

  DANZIG 08:32 16 Oct 09

Currently on my laptop I have avast! Antivirus (free), CCleaner and Spybot S+D installed.

Avast! runs all the time and occasionally pops up saying its virus database has been updated. CCleaner is run about twice a month and Spybot ticks away in the background and gets a proper run once a month.

Is this enough?

Also I use Defraggler every so often, gained 3 Gb of space when I last used it!

  Quickbeam 09:13 16 Oct 09

You might not be too late to apply for the symantec beta trial click here Then you could get a years subscription from them.

  interzone55 09:22 16 Oct 09

Avast and Zone Alarm have served me well for the last few years without the merest hint of a virus or malware attack.

If you're sensible about were you surf you should be OK...

  nangadef 09:51 16 Oct 09

Windows Firewall and Defender, Avast and CCleaner.

  crosstrainer 12:03 16 Oct 09

PC Tools Antivirus / Antispyware.





All updated daily, and run full scans every two day's.

Have not caught a thing in years :))

  lotvic 12:28 16 Oct 09

you sound a bit disappointed... or are you a fisherman? (and therefore used to not catching anything) ;o)

  canarieslover 12:57 16 Oct 09

Vista Home Premium running Avast!, SuperAntiSpyware,
CCleaner & Malwarebytes weekly and the only problems that I ever seem to get are from Microsoft updates!!

  crosstrainer 15:34 16 Oct 09

:)) I used to go sea fishing, and did catch things (edible) I'm famous for being tight on security when it comes to PC protection though!

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