Dixons "Tech Guys" service

  silverous 14:38 04 Sep 06

Dixons are launching a Technical Support service.

click here

Bah, just come to this forum instead. £1.50 a minute. I'm in the wrong job.

"Other pricing examples include downloading a driver. £9.99 in-store. To install that driver costs another £5."

New forum enhancement idea (tongue in cheek) .... "click here to hire the person most likely to solve your problem" :)

Better watch out we don't get lots of site activity from techguys.co.uk asking questions in a hurry ;)

  ArrGee 14:45 04 Sep 06

Sorry, I can only post a follow-up comment here if you pay me £4.99, plus an additional 50p per word over 20 words posted.

  Kate B 16:12 04 Sep 06

Good grief. And I bet they make plenty of money at it, too. Basic computing skills, including hardware upgrades and maintaining a Windows installation, should be taught at school.

  diamond-joe 16:23 04 Sep 06

Or simply not MasterCare in disguise?
So DSG have a trained version for the IT section of the company, well it's about time!!

  silverous 18:05 04 Sep 06

Looks like they are/were a different company:

click here

"PC Service Call". Whoever that is.

DSG (Dixons Stores Group) press release:

click here={22c15a3c-f6bb-4fb4-bc14-0fa6af9dd4fd}&CatID={6d0b3a78-378d-4856-b88d-9452c30e31db}

  diamond-joe 18:16 04 Sep 06

So they have subbed out IT support, Mastercare were never good at providing it!

  Forum Editor 18:36 04 Sep 06

by the hour for £59.99 an hour at home, or £39.99 an hour in store. There are services which will no doubt prove popular, such as having a home network set up properly, which costs £89.99 at home."


Stand by in Consumerwatch - methinks we might see busier times ahead.

Me? I'm off to set up a new forum, one where people can get unlimited online computer help for a one-off annual registration fee - anyone want to come aboard?

  silverous 18:37 04 Sep 06

Where do I sign ? :)

  silverous 18:37 04 Sep 06

As a contributer, not a purchaser that is :)

  ajm 19:10 04 Sep 06

"Me? I'm off to set up a new forum, one where people can get unlimited online computer help for a one-off annual registration fee - anyone want to come aboard?"

This should have happened a long time ago on this forum. Certain areas should be for registered peopel who pay a small fee, like £10.00 or £15.00 a year and get support.

The contributors should be rewarded in way that if the original post requires an answer, them the contirubutor that provides the most suitable answer first is "rewarded" points. These "points" can be redeemed for a 3,6 or 12 month subscribtion to PCA.

That way the forum can get additional funding allowing extra bandwith, extra features and possibly a snd FE!!!

  Forum Editor 19:12 04 Sep 06

Basic knowledge of computer configuration should be taught in schools. It's not necessary for children to know how to edit a Windows registry (I doubt the Tech Guys could do that), but it would be helpful if all children were taught the basics about what goes on inside a computer's case.

I think most of them might find it marginally more interesting than how to calculate the area of a circle, but I could be wrong.

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