Dinosaur Flatulence and Global Warming

  Quickbeam 07:33 08 May 12

The title says it all, Mesozoic era Global Warming. Does this mean that the global warming theorists have got it all wrong lately?

Well, This is the place for lively and thought-provoking debate with other forum members. You read it here first!

  Aitchbee 08:34 08 May 12

Perhaps the ancient leviathans of the deep Mesozoic oceans worked in teams, using a similar 'coralling' technique that modern day whales' employ to catch shoals of fish (i.e. blowing exhaled air from their spouts).

  wiz-king 08:38 08 May 12

I wonder if there is a related rise in the methane levels around the 'Winterval' festive season caused by brussel sprouts?

  Aitchbee 19:56 09 May 12

...worst case scenario...Mesozoic vegetarian dinosaurs that had a penchant for brussel sprouts.

  Forum Editor 19:04 10 May 12

"Mesozoic vegetarian dinosaurs that had a penchant for brussel sprouts."

Facts,AitchBEE, facts. Brussels sprouts didn't exist at that time.

  Condom 19:13 10 May 12


Maybe they were the Noth American variety of sprouts, but we will never know unless you just happened to be there on one of your earlier trips round the world. Anyway I have just added to the problem by a little wind breaking of my own in another post which hopefully doesn't produce too much of a smell ;-)

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