Digi Box problem, maybe ~ Not PC related

  wee eddie 20:15 01 Mar 08

Recently I have started loosing programs and frequently the picture starts breaking into horizontal bands. In fact I often need to re-configure it every evening, sometimes several times. Returning to Initial Set-up appears to be most effective than just a simple program replacement.

Anyone got any idea of what's happening or have a solution?

  mrwoowoo 20:52 01 Mar 08

Gawd don't get me started...know how you feel.
My ariel connection into the digi box was a loose fit due to the ariel lead having a slightly larger curcumference.I placed a cable tie around it and the next lead to pull it into a solid connection.Probably not your problem but won't hurt to check connections.
Also due to 2 transmitters in proximity we get a cloning of channels,i.e itv on channel 6 and again on channel 801 or whatever.Have you looked for repeat channels of perhaps a better signal in your channel list?
After this it improved but what really made a difference was a DVBT ready signal booster from tesco for only £8.97 as recommended on this forum...sorted.
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  wee eddie 21:14 01 Mar 08

You may have hit the nail on the head.

I was having a big dusting session earlier in the week. I've now given all the cable connections a wee push in. Here's hoping!

  laurie53 07:39 02 Mar 08

Are we talking about a Digibox or Freeview?

Aerial connection on a Digibox should only affect terrestrial channels.

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