Digging the Great Escape on Channel 4.

  Brumas 28 Nov 11

I have always had an interest in WWII especially POW camps and the lives of those unfortunate to be incarcerated. I have just sat riveted for an hour and half watching Digging the Great Escape on Channel 4.

What struck me was how, with modern day tools and equipment and without worrying about noise, concealment and the need for urgency, that they couldn't dig down vertically and horizontally as efficiently as those brave lads did in 1944.

  spuds 29 Nov 11

When the films were made and the books written on this subject, I can never recall that there was any mention that the camp was built on sand, so making the construction of the tunnel's more dangerous, or that they had to revise the routing due to German activity on the surface and civil unrest in the nearest town. It goes to show, that nearly 70 years on, you can still learn something from this chapter in time.

  wiz-king 29 Nov 11

An interesting programme.

  gengiscant 29 Nov 11

A tad disappointed with the program. I would have liked more on the present day RAF guys effort.

  buteman 29 Nov 11

It was a high price to pay for escaping over 50 of the 70 odd were caught and shot on Hitler's orders.

Not much left of the old radio mind you.

Only seen 15 minutes of it I was scrolling through the TV channels when I came across it.

I miss Time Team used to watch that all of the time.


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