Dig finds camp of 'real Crusoe'

  peter99co 11:54 01 Nov 08

Now this is the place I would love to visit. But not linger as long as the previous tenant.

click here

  Quickbeam 12:09 01 Nov 08

Can you remember the TV series in the '60s? It was shown most summer holidays for what seemed like 10 years, but I always watched it.

  jellyhead 12:42 01 Nov 08

Try this click here
What memories.

  Forum Editor 15:58 01 Nov 08

or there was, in 2005 according to some:

click here

Burying 800 tonnes of booty must have been some undertaking in 1715. One man doesn't do that in a hurry with a pick and shovel.

  peter99co 16:49 01 Nov 08

have there been any updates to the story?

  Forum Editor 17:03 01 Nov 08

"That link is 2005 FE"

I know, that's why I mentioned it. I know of no updates, and I can't help thinking that if $10 billion worth of bullion and jewels had been dug out of the ground on a desert island we might have heard of it.

  peter99co 17:23 01 Nov 08

Another version of same story. 26 sept 2005

I will have to get over there and check it out. (I wish)

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  crosstrainer 17:57 01 Nov 08

I'll charter a plane and boat, you bring the digging and geophysics kit and off we go....Oops, I'm not allowed to fly any more :(( looks like you might have to go it alone :))

  peter99co 18:05 01 Nov 08

I have found Bed and Breakfast. Just have to win the lottery now. It's easy isn't it really.

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  Bingalau 18:06 01 Nov 08

What about all that loot that was lost in "The Wash" has any of that turned up yet. Much nearer to go digging I would have thought.

  crosstrainer 18:07 01 Nov 08

Forget the B & B, I'll come by boat, you travel by plane...We can camp out on the island, quickly locate the booty, by-pass the local authorities, and return to the UK as millionaires.

Yeah, right :))

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