different increases on same pay ballot sheet - correct?

  mehim 25 Aug 11

My Union has just sent around ballot sheets with different offers for different positions. eg chairman 2%, secretary 1.5, clerk 1%. I feel that morally this is wrong because if I vote no for my increase I am also voting against someone elses. Also there are more clerks than chairmen (positions changed to protect the innocent). Conversely, if it was the same increase across the board it'feels' OK.

Morals and feelings aside, is it legally correct?

They have been asked but I am interested in others views. Thank You

  wiz-king 25 Aug 11

"if it was the same increase across the board it 'feels' OK"

No it does not - that increases the differential between top and bottom pay scales. Better to go for a flat value increase eg £1 an hour.

  buteman 25 Aug 11

Don't worry about it and carry on.

They probably forgot to mention the fat bonus that the chairman gets plus the free company car etc.etc.

Some Rail workers have just turned down a 5% rise because they do not think it is enough and I have to agree with them.

Inflation somewhere near 4.5% so you should be looking for that or above.

if you are happy with 25 go for it.

  mehim 25 Aug 11

Thanks Folks but I am asking about the legality of having different increases on the sam ballot sheet, the chairman does not exist and it is an example only.

  interzone55 25 Aug 11

Not sure about legality, but from a balloting point of view it's not totally clear.

The grade that's entitled to 2% may be happy, but a person at a grade getting 1% may not.

The different pay increases may well be down to equalising pay across similar job roles.

Last year my wife received a 5% increase to bring her pay in line with someone doing the same job in a different department

  Forum Editor 25 Aug 11

Morals and feelings aside, is it legally correct?

The answer to your question is yes.

  mehim 26 Aug 11

Thanks FE,

Have also asked the union.

I still doesn't seem right that my vote may change the outcome of someone with a differnt offer or the reverse,which happened to me.

I was offered a mere one fifth of that presented to others in my workforce. They voted yes and we were outnumbered as all others on my level all voted no, at least if the Ballot had been seperate the extent of our feelings would have been known.

  Simsy 26 Aug 11


You're not being asked to vote for/against the raise that you have been offered, rather you are being asked to vote for the negotiated offer as a whole...

So the actual yes/not vote is on the question; "Do you accept the offer that has been negotiated?"

And then there is an explanation of what the offer is, with a breakdown of the parts.

If my assumption/understanding is correct, (and of course it may not be!), then I can't see anything wrong, legally or morally.

That's not to say that the offer is correct or moral, just that the vote is!



  mehim 27 Aug 11

That's not to say that the offer is correct or moral, just that the vote is!

Well said Simsy


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