Didn't we Do Well

  Quickbeam 07:17 13 Aug 12

What more is there to say.

  interzone55 08:30 13 Aug 12

Totally agree.

I would imagine that the Rio 2016 organisers are bricking it at the moment...

  canarieslover 09:46 13 Aug 12

alan14 If they combine it with their marvellous carnival I'm certain that none of the male spectators will even notice if all the events are cancelled.

  Forum Editor 10:08 13 Aug 12

Yes, we did do well.

People will remember the Olympic games for many reasons, and I'm sure that one of those will be the superb organisation at the venues. I've been very impressed with the friendly efficiency of the volunteers I've met, and from what I've heard most people feel the same way. Whoever selected and trained these people got it right.

Ditto for the Police and the armed forces who provided security coverage - they were excellent. There were guns being carried by Police, but that was to be expected.

The organisers wanted this to be an occasion when people came first, and they went to great lengths to make sure we all knew it. The way that they had the athletes filtering into the stadium through the spectator seating areas in the closing ceremony was a master-stroke, as was the way that gold-medal winners publicly congratulated a selection of people from the volunteer force.

  Aitchbee 12:58 13 Aug 12

The organisers (the people who planned the smooth running of this massive sporting event) will be in great demand (in an advisory capacity) for Rio 2016, I would think; but they will have to brush up on their Portuguese!

  Woolwell 13:18 13 Aug 12

Aitchbee - I doubt that they will be required as Brazil has plenty of expertise. Brazilian Portuguese is slightly different from European Portuguese - a bit like UK English and USA English (we will discount Glaswegian!). It was one of the few countries that I have visited where I found English was only spoken and understood by a few.

  Forum Editor 17:17 13 Aug 12

I've just removed a post that contained a disgraceful sick 'joke' about the paralympics.

If anyone is contemplating doing anything along those lines I would urge them to think again.

  Bing.alau 17:38 13 Aug 12

FE. I imagine that the rest of the forumites will back you up in doing that. I know I do. I like a good joke in the right context of course and I know I sometimes seem a little eccentric in my feeble attempts to get others to join in, on a more relaxed forum. But that's the way I am (eccentricity comes with age and experience).

  bremner 17:39 13 Aug 12

I am very proud to be British after the excellent organisation, the brilliant crowds and the way our athletes exceeded everyones expectation of how many medals we would win.

I just hope that once the Paralympics are over that the main stadium doesn't become a white elephant.

  bremner 18:28 13 Aug 12


The reuse of the park all seems well set but the Stadium seems stuck in arguments between which football teams will take it on and whether the running track should stay.

I can see both pulling out and the Stadium lying empty and unused.

  bremner 18:54 13 Aug 12


They clearly learnt from the City of Manchester Stadium which after the Commenwealth Games was reduced in capacity from 80,000 to 50,000 and leased to Man City.

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