Didn't Sony learn the first time around?

  octal 12:36 29 Aug 07

Admittedly it appears to be an older product, but it does raise the question what else are they doing behind the scenes with their new products?

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  Riojaa 12:52 29 Aug 07

Would the BBC pose the same question 'Didn't Microsoft learn the first(2nd,3rd...) time around?

If not then why not?

  Belatucadrus 14:49 29 Aug 07

More anti Windows sniping, Yaaaaaaawn.

  Earthsea 16:13 29 Aug 07

'...what else are they doing behind the scenes with their new products?'

Probably nothing that will give them bad publicity. I doubt they want history to repeat itself.

  lisa02 16:25 29 Aug 07

I don't think there was bad intention on this one. It's an old product and security firms picked holes in it. This product is clearly older than the cd rootkit problem so your title is invalid. If you ask me it's kicking someone when they are down.

Riojaa there has been many new names of late and they all seem to be bashing Microsoft at every opportunity. It's a bit boring.

  Riojaa 16:34 29 Aug 07

You been watching too much sci-fi my dear and believing all of it .

  lisa02 16:53 29 Aug 07

Riojaa I think you have got your head stuck up your own "ring transport system". ;)))

  Riojaa 17:02 29 Aug 07

Sorry I am not familiar with Stargate but I'm beginning to get the drift; the class and the lifestyle involved.

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