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  Chronos the 2nd 16 Mar 13

A Jam is not a jam unless it contains 60% sugar.Jams must have a minimum sugar content of 60g per 100g.

The villain of the piece are the Jam and Similar Products (England) Regulations 2003 dreamt up by officials implementing EU rules.

You cannot make this stuff up.


  Quickbeam 16 Mar 13

The fruit/sugar ratios are already in place, and have been for decades without an EU law to state the obvious. It's just rules for rules sake this one.

There is also a difference between EU states as to what is considered the right fruit/sugar ratio. British jam is much nicer than what passes for jam in Italy, just like an Anglo spaghetti Bolognaise compared to a genuine Italian one which we would consider to be a vegetarian version, or the USA'a favourite chocolate bar that only contains about 11% cocoa and wouldn't even be described as chocolate here where we have a 20% min cocoa content.

This just proves that the EU's one size fits all attitude is plain dumb.

The UK Jam Regs (tedious reading)

  pavvi 16 Mar 13

The sauces for bolognese you see in the stores are a wast of money in my opinion. In Italy they make it with mince, (usually a mixture of beef and pork) tomato puree, herbs, olive oil and a drop of wine, not a jar full of water and processed tomatoes. You can tell a real Bolognese when it leaves a film of tomato and oil on your plate. Bolognese is a very easy dish to make you really don't need the processed sauces to make it cheaply. The proper way takes no longer either.

Back on topic, I always buy conserves rather than jam, as I like to have a high fruit content. My favourite is the wild blueberry conserve Pierre malmain (I think that's what they are called they have the red and white checked lid). Tiptree also does a very good varietal strawberry conserve which is 50% fruit.

  finerty 16 Mar 13

a jammy story indeed

  spuds 17 Mar 13

I bet the WVS don't need any telling about how to make jams?.


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