Did anyone dvd the Rugby

  Demora 20:59 11 Mar 07


My Husaband is away in Thialand and I was supposed to video/dvd the Match today. England v France.

I need a copy of this game to send him on dvd.

I posted in the help room. Now I'm desperate.

Somehow or other the dvd recorder didn't get the programme on dvd.rw could have been a bad disk.


  Bingalau 22:13 11 Mar 07

Sorry Love, too busy watching it to video it. But tell your hubby a little white lie such as "The electricity went off and I didn't realise it had affected the video machine" Meanwhile maybe someone will see your request who has videoed it. Keep bringing your thread to the top.

  Kate B 22:14 11 Mar 07

Bingalau, with respect, most women these days aren't wild about being called "love" and tend to have husbands, not a "hubby". I'm sure you didn't mean it, but it does come over as a little patronising.

  Demora 22:27 11 Mar 07

Kate... right now I'm in sooo much trouble that I don't care what Bingalau calls me. Dumb Blonde might be the best bet

Bingalau. Erm used that one twice before for the Rugby world cup and something else.

Whats even worse is that my escuse for buying a new DVD recorder with hard drive was that it would be so much easier to set up. (BTW the kids were out)


  Kate B 22:28 11 Mar 07

*chuckle* Maybe your husband managed to catch in a bar somewhere in Bangkok ... hope so, anyway.

  shizzy 23:09 11 Mar 07

I think the women you are talking about must have partners not husbands. Why you find it patronising on a friendly forum I can't think. You said the same before about guys and gals but yourself often say 'you chaps'

  Kate B 23:13 11 Mar 07

OK, I find it patonising - actually, I really hate being called "love" by a man I don't know. I'm possibly over-reacting and I know Bingalau meant to be friendly, but pretty much all of my female friends hate it. I don't think "chaps" has quite the same impact, but tell me if I'm wrong on that!

  Forum Editor 23:20 11 Mar 07

because it's not even mildly patronising. Calling a woman 'love' is, however, and I winced when I read it, too. Both of my daughters have been called 'love' by total strangers at times, and both of them tell me they find it incredibly irritating.

Like you, I know that Bingalau meant no offence by it, but it's an indication of how some habits - for that's what it is - die hard.

  Kate B 00:01 12 Mar 07

I really can't stand it - it makes my blood boil.

  Forum Editor 00:03 12 Mar 07

I can see.

  Kate B 00:15 12 Mar 07

*gets coat* ;-)

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