Diana & C4

  charmingman 22:00 06 Jun 07

Just watching the documentary & i am shocked to the amount of people claiming the photos on the program should not be shown when there was clearly not much to see on them,

there was no signs of pain or any blood from any of the car's occupants they was just black & white photos with faces blocked out & they wasnt clear at all,

i wasnt looking for any signs of the above but wanted to remember of what happened,it brought back a very grey day indeed.

  STREETWORK 22:09 06 Jun 07

Sometimes it's the only way to increase viewing figures, I watched the football...

  arris 11:24 07 Jun 07

Here's that pic they blanked out click here

  MichelleC 12:00 07 Jun 07

Looking at it from a different angle sometimes help decide what is right and what isn't acceptable.

Just supposing, and God forbid, that someone's mum died in a car crash. The remaining relatives would grieve (the grieving process as per norm would last roughly two years) and then they could get on with their lives. What reaction could you expect from the family when some tv channel came back quite a few years after and showed some photos of that crash?

I know Putman in his ultimate wisdom thinks they're in good taste, (it makes good money from ratings) but this type of Benetton style of attracting attention doesn't do anything towards me understanding the way in which C4 are heading.

  Z1100 14:43 07 Jun 07

and those photos were of her crash scene 10 years after you were accepting the loss?


  tullie 15:35 07 Jun 07

This programm was aired because they are desperate for viewers,and they know that there are people out there that who enjoy things like this,morbid as they are.

  arris 15:56 07 Jun 07

Well, at least C4 put to bed who was at fault. All this time I thougt it was because of the press, when the people whowere really to blame were Al Fayed (for employing the driver) the driver (for being twice over the limit) and the passengers for not wearing their seatbelts.

  mad1234 16:00 07 Jun 07

why can't they just let her rest in peace?

  arris 16:06 07 Jun 07

Probably because there wasn't much fuss made over it at the time.

  Forum Editor 16:22 07 Jun 07

"why can't they just let her rest in peace?"

Because Diana was one of the most famous people on the planet, and lots of people are interested to know more about the circumstances leading up to and causing her death. It's perfectly understandable, and a legitimate subject for the media to cover.

Diana was a very public figure, and she positively courted the press, so I doubt that she would be at all surprised by the continuing interest - she would probably find it gratifying to know that people were still interested after all this time. She lived much of her life in the public domain, and part of the price you pay for such fame is a high level of press interest in every aspect of your life and death.

  ulrich 18:13 07 Jun 07

I agree FE let her rest in peace.

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