Devon inventor trials his latest prototype idea

  TopCat® 23:12 08 Apr 09

which is a means of pumping seawater up a steep incline into a holding tank and using just wave action to achieve this. Like a hydro-electric scheme the water is then released down a return pipe which then drives a turbine to generate power.

If you'd like to see the test, which took place today, then go to click here and click the 'Spotlight' tab. The video and story appears around 12 minutes and 45 seconds into the 30 minute news programme. Move the slider along to achieve this time. TC.

  Quickbeam 07:50 09 Apr 09

Isn't there a power station in a Welsh hillside that does something like that?

  jack 11:09 09 Apr 09

One of the highest peaks in Scotland with Loch Awe at the foot. A Dam 2000 ft up is topped up at night and released through the dual generator/pumps during the day
They run tours through the power station - by Land Rover its so huge.

  peter99co 10:25 10 Apr 09

Maybe the Water Companies should invest in this and use the energy to pump water supplies around during dry periods. One or two complain of shortages and introduce hosepipe bans.

  namtas 10:44 10 Apr 09

Not this year or next, but some time in the future wave energy in one form or another will become a major part of our energy resource. Wind generation in the UK will never become any more than it is at present.

  jack 12:29 10 Apr 09

As already mentioned is the way to go for for source continuity- Wind is so unpredictable
Why is it taking so long ?
Engineering perhaps - but I seem to recall the various forms being discussed long before the Wind
College got going - indeed there is a tidal barrage in France that has been going for years.
Its the old Betamax/VHS story all over
The wrong technology is majored on.

  TopCat® 21:36 10 Apr 09

Closing this now as the news video is no longer available. TC.

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