Department of Works still at it

  jakimo 17:56 09 May 08

Only this time,they are bundling the passwords with the disc's, thoughtful of them!

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  Forum Editor 18:20 09 May 08

of a large well-known company (details omitted to protect the innocent) to advise on intellectual property rights and data security.

Imagine my surprise when, on entering the office that had been assigned to me I saw a large red folder lying on my desk with "Confidential admin passwords" printed in huge capitals on a crisp white label. It contained the logins to just about every mission-critical file location in the entire building.

Guess what was top of the agenda at that morning's management meeting?

  Cymro. 10:14 10 May 08

"Guess what was top of the agenda at that morning's management meeting?"

  Cymro. 10:15 10 May 08

Sorry please cancel that last one posted in error.

  crosstrainer 11:25 10 May 08

I have seen this type of thing on many occasions, when, I wonder will companies take security and data protection seriously? All we can do is advise....If this is ignored then they learn the hard way.

  Cymro. 11:30 10 May 08

As you say they do indeed have to learn the hard way but it is us who all too often end up having to pay for their mistakes.

  crosstrainer 11:37 10 May 08

True, but if banking details are stolen or cloned, you are covered by your bank. I have never had a problem, I retain and shred all sensitive documents, my laptop is NEVER out of my sight, and our Data Protection Policy is rigourous and regularly reviewed and updated. If I am in any way suspicious of a firm, I simply will not deal with them.

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