laurie53 05:58 16 May 07

I know we don't do politics but is this really democracy at work?

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It may be the best system we have until a better one comes along, but it does throw up some anomalies!

(I don't live in Dundee, so am unaffected - or am I?)

  newman35 07:31 16 May 07

Certainly will not help to encourage more voters to actually bother voting, I reckon.
Look at the 'national' government in Scotland, the SNP have to have an 'alliance' with the Green's - and the tiny Green party get a prominent convenership for it!!
Ain't democracy interesting.

  laurie53 19:36 16 May 07

I think you're over generalising a bit by suggesting the SNP give a disproportionate amount of time to the one issue. These days they are likely to regard the abolition of tuition fees and council tax as cornerstones of their policy!

It wasn't so much the Lab/lib Dem pact which surprised me - after all, we're used to that in Scotland.

It was the broad support of the Conservatives which took my attention.

Must be the first time since the war that Labour and Tories have had common cause, even if it is a pretty petty one!

  oresome 20:59 16 May 07

Is Dundee so unusual?

Leeds has a sizeable majority of Labour councillors, but the council is run by a coalition of the Lib Dems, Conservatives and Green Party.

  WhiteTruckMan 22:33 16 May 07

Surely that can't be right? without looking up the figures (truthfully, can't be bothered) isn't it the case that labour has the largest representation, but not an actual clear majority? Or am I missing something here?

I think it was Winston Churchill who said that politics make for strange bedfellows.


  laurie53 08:39 17 May 07

Like I said, Lab/Lib Dem is not unusual.

Conservative support for Labour is!

  laurie53 20:09 17 May 07

I think the point is being missed. This has nothing to do with the practicalities of business

This is Conservatives supporting a Lab/Lib Dem coalition to help keep a fourth, majority, party out.

It's a totally legitimate confluence, but does throw up one of the anomalies of democracy.

  oresome 20:22 17 May 07


I see the point you're making now. There's only one thing that matters in politics and that's power. You can't implement anything without it.

WTM, I didn't mean that Labour had an overall majority, just that they had a sizeable majority over any other single party, something like 42 seats to 25 of the next nearest party. But I'd missed the point laurie53 was making.

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