Defrosting a Turkey

  premier man 15:47 20 Dec 07

Hope this is in the the right group.
but we have just bought a 5.2kg Turkey,
was unable to get a fresh one the size we wanted.
Do anyone know how long it would take to defrost
ready for xmas day?
thanks gordie

  Noels 15:55 20 Dec 07

All meat is a good insulator so I would give it at least 48 hours. 24 in a fridge then the last 24 in the open in your kitchen if its not too warm. I always use a digital meat thermometer to check thawed out temperature and cooked temperature. Even a frozen 3lb chicken will take 24hrs in my cool kitchen.
Hope this helps

  premier man 15:58 20 Dec 07

cheers,do I need to leave in packaging ?

  Clapton is God 16:03 20 Dec 07

You ask about defrosting a Turkey - with a capital T.

Why has the country of Turkey suddenly become frozen?

  Noels 16:09 20 Dec 07

No I would take out of the packing and remove the giblets from the cavity. You may have to wait 24 hrs for this as the whole thing will be solid at first but they also act as a block of ice if left inside.
Just cover the bird loosely with tin foil if you have any.
My daughter bough me my first meat thermometer about 15 years ago and I upgraded it to an accurate digital one.
What this demonstrated was that when the correct temp is reached for most of the meat about 80*C the meat in the thick part of the leg is still about 60*C so it eithe needs extra time or a hotter oven.

  Noels 16:13 20 Dec 07

He obviously bought a capital turkey from a first rate shop!

  €dstowe 16:24 20 Dec 07

Aren't the defrosting instructions on the plastic bag containing the bird?

Someone told me once to put a lot of metal objects inside the cavity to help defrosting - meaning things like cutlery. It did seem to speed things up.

Be very careful, though. Any trace of pink (blood) juice when you stick a fork into the thickest parts or in the liquid that collects inside when cooking, give it a few more minutes until they run clear.

  TopCat® 16:32 20 Dec 07

Never mind the defrosting - when's the cooking finish, I'm famished!! :o) TC.

  premier man 16:51 20 Dec 07

Thanks very good and helpful advice,
very much appreciated.
looked for defrosting instructions
only cooking instructions,thanks for your advice

  laurie53 20:11 20 Dec 07

Put it in the garage on Saturday night. Take the packaging off and cover it, a tea towel or something will do. Take the giblets out when you can, probably about 24 hours as has been suggested.

It will thaw in reasonably fresh circulating air and be just right on the day.

  €dstowe 22:06 20 Dec 07

Hmmmm... My garage was minus five degrees this morning and I don't think it rose much above that all day. Not much thawing going on in there!

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